How does this even exist...?

That's the title?

Yeah lol that's the title.

Why does this blog even exist? As a matter of fucking fact! Why does this entire website even exist??? How did we get here? What lead to this moment where you are sitting on the toilet taking a shit and reading something the best big bro wrote while HE was sitting on the toilet taking a shit?

I can explain all this. This whole thing stemmed from dissatisfaction and overall unhappiness. And boy do I know a lot about being unhappy. Stress too. Unhappiness and stress lol that's my shit right there. I don't read blogs so I'm not sure if using 'lol' is conventional. But what do I care, my whole life is unconventional.

I was unhappy working at the restaurant I was at for almost 9 years. Of course, it wasn't always like that. For privacy reasons, I won't mention which restaurant it was although I'm sure initially 95% of you already know... and if you don't, it won't take much digging to find out lol. Like I said... at some point I actually felt pretty happy there. I started off as a line cook which to me at the time was a big leap from my fast food experience. It was a huge learning curve for me but fuck man everyone was so cool!!! If I worked with a bunch of losers I for sure would've tucked my tail and ran at the first sight of difficulty. But I didn't... because it was seriously a dope place to work and some of the dudes on the line were funny as fuck. I wanna skip ahead in this story because to be honest... I can write an entire book about my experience in that place.

I went through some brief relationship problems prior to becoming a supervisor and a big part of what helped me get over that was receiving a book by my fellow line cook and homie James. That book was "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. If you know it, then you don't need me to explain how fucking amazing that book is. If you don't know it... then just go and read it. If taken seriously and read in a spirit of faith, it will change your life. That book lead to countless series of events that lead me to this place. It's the very source of my dissatisfaction and unhappiness... that may sound bad but...

That's what drove me to find a much better life! A much more purposeful life! I felt so conflicted spending so much time in that building but having this dream floating in my head constantly of what my life SHOULD be. I wasn't living in harmony with myself. I knew this... but after a few attempts to leave that restaurant, I always ended up right back in the same fucking spot! Believe me my friends I fucking tried lmao! At this point I developed a dependency on this place. Mind you, my last 3 and a half years were spent in the front of house as a server where the money was much better and the job was a lot easier... but it definitely didn't make me happier.

I sunk into depression guys. It was the worst I've ever felt and I was definitely not myself. The usual happy go lucky full of life Best Bro was living a nightmare. It's hard to admit all of this my friends... because based on how I feel at this very moment, I can't imagine ever feeling like that again. Even though that was the state I was in, I still had such a strong desire to succeed in life and feel free. My girlfriend Nicole (Salinas) and I finally sat down and really put pen to paper on a plan that will help me break my chains. I was surprised at how easily a plan unfolded. It's as if it was just waiting there like bro... I'm right here LET'S FUCKING DO THIS. That my friends..  led to the ultimate best bro plan. It was my great escape into a new life. As I write this, I'm living that plan and can honestly say it was probably the best decision I've made in my life. I worked out a legitimate and realistic timeline that will allow me to quit my job and almost seamlessly dive into my new lifestyle. I will detail out that plan for you guys on another blog lol.

But here we are. I have my own website to express myself through blogs, I'm running my own fitness business which is something I'm extremely passionate and good at, I express myself further through video blogs and podcasts as well. I'm living my best life right now... and that's why you're here. You're here because you support the best bro and that means, in turn, that the best bro supports you as well. Big things popping my friends STAY TUNED!!!

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