How hard do you really have to train!?

Look at this idiot, I think he's died

This is a blog for that dude in the gym who trains like a fucking beast but never looks like he's getting results. Every gym has like 50 of these guys. We see them. They're hitting 2 or 3 different cardio machines, they're foam rolling, they're weight training and they're fucking sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish market.

Sorry about that one I have no idea where I heard it.

I see them and I always think to myself... God... all that hard work and where does it go? Just a bit of direction and they can really put that hard work to serious use.

But the problem I find is that people are not very open minded. If I broke down how simple it really can be to transform your physique, you literally would dismiss me and call me crazy. If I told Billy Balls to the Wall that he should lay off all that extra cardio and track his macros he would refuse. 9 times out of 10, those gym goers who train insane and remain the same will refuse to take that advice. Why? Oh I'll fucking tell you why. It's the media maaaaan. They're telling us all kinds of crazy things. We see videos of the Rock training like a mad man and we're like that is it. That is fucking it right there, I'm gonna fucking train my balls off!!! Yeah!!! Uaaaaaarghhhhh!!!!!!! We see clips of our favourite instagrammers going at it, just sweating and repping it out until they just can't rep it out anymore. It's drilled into our minds that that's the way to go. So we do it.

Trust me I've been there. Initially we will get results because of basic math: we go into a caloric deficit. That basically means we are burning more than we are consuming. Eventually you hit a point where you just can't lose anymore weight. Your body holds onto the rest of your fat like NO DON'T FUCKING TOUCH THIS and you wonder why??? Why can't I touch it...?? It's because your training and your nutrition aren't in harmony. These guys at the gym train hard and then go and eat what they believe to be 'healthy' like sweet potatoes, chicken, eggs, avocado, salads in general, olive oil etc. We follow trends like keto or paleo or a vegan diet and after all of that we still can't help but wonder why the weight isn't going down anymore.

Here's a thought my friends... try tracking your calories. I don't know when that got such a bad rap. I know it doesn't sound romantic but it's the best fucking way to go for us average Joes who don't necessarily wanna be on the front cover of a magazine... we just wanna look sexy in bed or at a beach or at a pool party or just comfortable in our own skin.

Why track?

I'll tell you why. When you know exactly how much protein, carbs, fats, and fibre is going into your body, it puts YOU in control. Now when you hit a wall, you make the tweaks on any one of those macros and then you should start seeing results again. You can confidently say things like 'yeah I was eating 220g protein 220 carbs 50g fats and about 25g fibre and I was dropping weight like crazy but now it really slowed down... so now I'm gonna drop my carbs and fats by about 5% and see how that goes. Oh shit I did it and I'm losing weight at a sick pace again!' It's literally that easy.

Just now, I trained at the gym, felt like I gave about 80% of my max effort, sweat a bit, was breathing pretty hard most of the time and I was in and out within an hour. When I got there, Timmy Try Hard was there going at it on the weights. By the time I left, I saw him on 3 different cardio machines just sweating like an illegal Mexican at a Trump rally.

Ok that one wasn't that good... like why was he at the Trump rally...?

My point is... how hard do you really wanna work and how much time do you really wanna spend in the gym? At what point can we separate hard work from actual productivity? Which one would you honestly choose... would you wanna train for 2 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week and be extra tight and 'clean' on your diet OR train 1 hour a day 5 to 6 days a week and be flexible with your diet by accounting for your macros/calories? If at the end of the day of tracking my food I have about 50g of carbs left to eat, 5g of protein left to hit and about 6g of fat to hit... guess what I can eat and it won't sabotage my results at all?

A fucking DONUT!!!

That's right. Timmy Try Hard would eat that and feel guilty and hate himself then train for THREE hours the next day. What's healthier overall my friends? Really think about this. You're more than welcome to challenge me on this because keep in mind... I'm all about the overall balance of your health. That includes your mental wellness. I stay lean year round and pretty much eat whatever I want because I train consistently at about 70% - 90% of my max intensity 6 days a week (mainly because I love the gym) then 80% of my food is considered 'healthy' with a 20% being 'unhealthy'. Side note: I put those terms in quotations because no one can truly define what healthy is. In my previous donut example, is the donut that fit into my macros considered unhealthy? I mean, technically it shouldn't if it doesn't hinder my progress in anyway. Those terms inherently lack context so I put them in quotations. I'm using those terms in the way most people are accustomed to.

Religiously track your macros properly for 30 days if you want a REAL fucking challenge. You'll realize just how easy it is after about a week. After that you'll never wanna go back to any other protocol because not only will you see the best results and eat foods you never thought you could get away with, but you will never look at food the same way. Hit me up on Instagram if you have any questions or if you feel like challenging my sexy fitness beliefs. Always remember, fitness isn't supposed to be complicated. For everything else, there's Mastercard. No wait... ok give me some time I'll come up with a good slogan for the Best Big Bro. Trying to look good for a ho? call the Best Big Bro! 

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