How the Best Big Bro started cooking!!!

Look at me, I'm a Chef

Ok so this one should be pretty obvious... how I got into cooking... well I was a line cook for many years so there's a start lol. Definitely didn't do it for the love of cooking... I just needed the money! It was a step up from working at Harvey's in terms of dollars and skills. Truth be told, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but boy did I have a lot of confidence in that interview. I think I did... it was almost 10 years ago I don't know lol... I just remember telling my interviewer "I'M REALLY FAST" to a point where he was like "I get it... you're fast... but what about quality? How about quality of food?" I was like "I dunno, if you guys show me then I'm willing to learn?" Quality of what lmao. I just flipped burgers and lifted baskets from the fryer when the timer went off. It was a rough start but eventually I became really good. Then I learned more. I learned how to put random things in a pan and then make it taste good lol. It wasn't from scratch but I would say that definitely sparked the curiosity to take it to the next step. I learned how to cook steaks around that time too which was so fucking sick... it was like a game to me... but to be honest, I still wouldn't say I was passionate about cooking itself. I was addicted to the rush of cooking on the line. Those are two different things. When you're on the line in a corporate kitchen like I was, you don't cook much from scratch. The sauces are made in the morning, vegetables already cut, dressings already made etc... I'm just the guy who puts them together. Eventually I did actually enjoy cooking. I found that I was good at simple yet complicated things like... seasoning lol. I got obsessed with the idea of catering because my friend said it was easy and it's a good way to earn extra money on the side so just like that... we started a catering company. We recruited my cousin and got started on our first venture at Caribana. Long story short... it was a shit show lol we didn't know what we were doing but we kept going. We did a bunch of other events that were a complete hit! From private cocktail parties to Christmas dinners to what was our final event together, a 300 person fashion show. Now... that event was our most successful financially but I felt we performed poorly in terms of execution for many different reasons. In between the catering and working at the restaurant, I decided to go to culinary school which was an awesome decision. I learned so much there and I will finally say... that's where I truly appreciated cooking. Although shortly after graduating, I intended to continue and grow the catering company... I felt the love for it disappear. I can't quite say what it was... maybe I thought we weren't good enough. After that fashion show, I felt like we were a bunch of amateurs who didn't deserve to be cooking at that caliber. Definitely insecurities that pulled me back and made me stop. Actually... yeah it was definitely that and I know this because I stopped it all officially when I took up the Sous Chef position at the restaurant. Being a manager in a corporate kitchen slowly killed my love for cooking... it left a bad taste in my mouth... if you want more details on this story, I'm more than happy to share it in person or maybe I'll sing a different tune down the road and just make a video about it... who knows. But that's what happened... I eventually stepped down and I eventually switched over to serving where I just shut my brain off and worked for the money... any ambition to thrive was suppressed. I would have random spurts of motivation to pursue new paths but they led me back to square one. But like I said in my first blog... the painful life I was living drove me to find the TRUE path for me and now I get to coach, train, and cook for people and it feels so fucking liberating! Is cooking my biggest passion? No it isn't. But I do love it and I am good at it so I'm happy incorporating it into my business in such a smart and meaningful way. That's about it my friends... I certainly left out a lot of details but c'mon, I wanna make these blogs short. Short enough to read while you take a shit. Until next time... keep BESTing.

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