How to Best on the Road!

Look at this fucking cool guy here

Lol this is some funny shit right here. I feel like this has been on my damn mind for years and I'm sure if you're a driver yourself reading this, you can definitely relate. Now... I'm not gonna sit here and judge all the bad drivers out there like I'm a driving God... but I AM the best driver in the world. I can say that simply because of the time I put in, the distance I've traveled, and the focus I put in to get better and better every damn day. Especially now that I drive for Uber, I'm out on the road 5 to 10 times more than the average person... my car is taking the toll of that lol. So let's get into it.

One of the things I noticed about drivers on the road is that they act very differently there than they would on the street face to face with other people. It's easy to be behind semi tinted windows and remain pretty anonymous and then act as aggressive and as immature as you want. Everyone wants to be a tough guy on the road. As I've been going about my days thinking about this topic, I recently came across an individual who literally exemplifies this very archetype of drivers. So there's this final turn that I have to make before getting to my building but at this turn is a 4 way stop sign. That alone can get annoying if people don't wanna respect how a 4 way stop sign works but you know, I deal with it. To be honest, I swear every time I get there I feel like there's some fuckery waiting for me.

Anyways, the other day I'm approaching this final 4 way stop sign after a long day out doing shit and as I was approaching, that thought came up again: hey now what kinda fuckery are we gonna see here! I approach the stop sign and lo and behold, someone else does at roughly the same time to my right. I look this small brown girl dead in the eye as I approach the stop sign and dare her to test me cuz I know I'm gonna stop first. I am extra aware of this and notice that I stopped almost a full second before her so I'm like aii I'm fucking going. I proceed but oh wait, so does she! Yeah moments like these can be slightly awkward but I'm always the one to stick to my guns and keep going and usually it's not a big deal as long as SOMEONE goes... but not this time oh no my friends, NOT THIS TIME.

This chick honks like a fucking maniac. It's the type of honking that are super short and abrupt as if she's punching the steering wheel (don't ask how I know that to be the case). I put my hand up as I turn as if to say Que Est Ce le fuck? Yeah I have no idea how to spell that. I pull up to my building and make a left into it and she is still honking behind me as she drives straight past my building. So you see my friends... I know full well that this little brown girl in a face to face 'altercation' would not have gone ape shit. It's just the anonymity of being in her vehicle that gives her the extra power. Put us in a similar situation face to face like being in a grocery store and we have our carts. We both try to pass through the same spot and it's awkward. Would she go ape shit? Absolutely not.

Ok you say it's a public place, that's a factor on whether or not she would go ape shit. Fine. How about shut up. The point is, like most people, she would not act like that if not in her car. Now look, I'm not gonna pretend that I don't have my moments on the road but I have come a long way and try to be mindful of everyone on the road. I follow the rules and yeah I break them as I see fit without fucking up someone's day. A whole other part of this whole driver psychology that we need to be aware of is just the overall short temperedness (that's most likely not a word but who cares this is MY blog) we experience on the road. We gotta stop it. We have to seriously realize that we share the road with hundreds if not, thousands of drivers and yeah... not everyone is the brightest. I'm sure we all understand this logically but knowing it emotionally is the real game changer. I've grown a lot as a person when it comes to emotional management on the road lol.

One thing I definitely need to work on is not calling people out when they honk at me. That shit gets my blood boiling. If you honk at me on the road, I'm getting out of my car and I'm giving you my 2 cents aggressively. Now you might be like NOOO Habib what if they have a gun and shoot you??? Relax this ain't Compton in the late 80's. I'm checking Joe Schmoe and his bullshit. This one chick the other day was honking like crazy at me to make a left turn at an intersection but there were two people literally crossing. It's like BITCH DO YOU WANT ME TO RUN THEM OVER SO YOU CAN GET TO POINT B FASTER? Maybe that's why we get so upset. We think that getting from point A to point B should be smooth as fuck and no one should cross our path and mess with us. But like I was saying earlier, it's a numbers game. We are bound to run into a couple people who just don't understand the rules of the road and how to be considerate. So it's never gonna be smooth.

That being said... let's try and adopt a better mindset when on the road. Let's try to understand this by exerting some control on our emotions. Easier said than done I know but c'mon how best would it be to never get cheesed on the road? lol. You think I wanna be critiquing every damn driver to Salinas all the time? You think she enjoys that? Poor girl... I think it's a sign of major insecurity to show true road rage and if you have the desire to truly grow as a person, you won't let little incidences on the road affect you emotionally. The best bro is really trying it out, maybe we all should. I'm probably gonna snap 4 times on my way home forgetting all about this blog but hey... I'm trying lol.

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