My Experience as an Uber Driver...

Do you like my random photo up there? Lmao.

When I first got started with uber, I thought it was so fucking dope. But at the time it was just a side gig... so I would do it very passively and make an extra couple hundred bucks a week... it was a sweet little bonus. Now? Well yeah now it's technically my only job as I write this lol. That and technically uber eats but I haven't had any requests since I've been officially signed up... am I officially set up on that? Lol I'll figure that out another time.

But listen here my friends, uber is still dope. I just can't put in the kind of hours and work in uber as I'd like to. I'm juggling so many balls right now so at the moment I'm working with a 5 to 10 schedule Monday to Thursday then doing late night Fridays and Saturdays with a little bit on Sunday as well. Not bad right? In the middle of writing this blog I gave a quick ride and made $4.61 lol. But yo, that schedule I just mentioned? This is my first week of executing it. I hope it's enough to help keep us afloat! Salinas and I are combining our earnings and making sure that collectively we're making more than we're spending... which is amazing because I'm the one out here spending more than her and making way less lmao (love you babe). Sorry guys I go on tangents often please bare with me.

For those who ask "Hey Habib do you ever give rides to really creepy or sketchy people?" The answer is no. No I have not. People are pretty normal lol. I have a lot of great conversations and if I'm really vibing with someone, we add each other on Instagram... which is a huge added bonus for me because I really value having an organic following and not inflating my numbers too much. I get a lot of solid engagement and I'd like to keep it like that as my brand grows!

Some people however can be very antisocial and I get it. Catch me in a weird state and I'm completely different; I just don't wanna talk. Most times I'll be respectful and let them be while playing some background music from my fucking sick playlist which is the BEST PLAYLIST EVER. As much as possible though, I really try to talk to my passengers. C'mon this isnt supposed to feel like a job. This shit to me is so easy, I'm just out here driving around and shooting the shit with strangers... how sick is that? The only problem I encounter is the consistency of rides I get... after I drop someone off it's like what do I do? Do I become a sitting duck or do I try to drive to nearby busy spots that's likely to give me more requests? I make the best of my unique situation by playing the sitting duck... only, I actually sit there and I write blogs. What better time to do it? Two birds with one stone baby!

To give you all some more specifics, when I uber for about 10 to 15 hours a week, I can expect to earn around $200-$300 for that week (not including what I spend on gas). Give or take, 10% of what I make will go towards gas. That's pretty good no? This is all a part of the dream I'm living. I'm engaged in a labour of love and I make A LOT of money doing it. That's what I tell myself at least lol.

I'm just out here my friends... out here trying to live a life of financial and spiritual freedom. Ever since I quit my job, more and more I feel like I'm living that life. The fact that I'm making peanuts doesn't phase me... that's the power of faith. There I go on a tangent, what the fuck is this blog about again? Uber. So far it ain't so bad... I would never wanna do it full time and hopefully as my business grows, I can slowly wean off of this and focus all of my energy towards coaching my clients to success. That's my goal my friends. Uber is that temporary tool to aid me while I slowly make it...




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