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How gay do I look :)

Hello friends, here again with another helpful blog towards fitness stuff. I can write blogs up the ass about all kinds of things but I am doing my best to still pump out some useful info... so here goes!

I'm almost 200 lbs (198.5lbs) and have decided to start a short cut that shouldn't last more than 6 weeks. It's going to be pretty aggressive but thankfully my calories will still be high since I train 6 to 7 days a week. I'm aiming to lose roughly 2 lbs per week until I reach around 185lbs. At that weight I'll be lean as fuck and I know this because even at my current weight I can still see my abs... so dropping over 13 lbs will definitely make them crystal clear ESPECIALLY with my strategy (I fucking love this shit).

My calories will be dropped to 2500. My protein will be 220g, carbs are at 250g and fats are 69g, all within a 5% margin of error and I'm tracking diligently. This is not a ratio I normally go with... this is 35% protein, 40% carbs and 25% fats. I find that I lose fat very well at 20% fats but I wanted to mess around and try to still lose weight with a slightly higher fat diet (I wanna eat more nasty shit man).

Now some of you might be like, what the fuck does all this mean really? Ok. I'll give you a sample diet that fits these numbers! Alright so I wake up and have an apple (royal gala is the shit don't @ me) then I hit the gym... I'll get into my workout routine in a minute. After my workout I'll space my meals out a bit so I'll come home work on some editing and writing while suppressing my appetite a bit with some coffee. Later on I'll have eggs. Specifically, I'll have 3 whole eggs and about 12 egg whites (1 and a quarter cup of egg whites). That's a lot of eggs I know but I would say it is my biggest protein source and I love it so I'm cool with it. I eat those eggs with a whole wheat Lebanese style pita bread and I use very little oil to cook the eggs (oil spray is best).

Afterwards, I'll have a special k protein bar and later on a 1.5 scoop of whey protein (currently using 6 star nutrition whey) with skim milk. Then, I'll have dinner which can be almost anything lol. I could even squeeze in a fried chicken sandwich at KFC (not popeyes, I fucking boycotted that place cuz they SUCK) because if you didn't notice, my fats so far are so low that I could actually get away with eating that sandwich and still be on target. Shortly after I'll have almost a cup of plain 0% greek yogurt and then a bowl of cereal before bed. It's Edge with protein cereal plus some fibre cereal with skim milk.

All of that will help me hit those numbers that I listed earlier. That's a lot of food eh??? People have this idea that you have to eat super clean and eat practically nothing to lose weight. I mean yeah, it does have to be predominantly "clean" (which I loosely define as abundant in protein and fibre) but you can still eat some weird things and get away with it like the fried chicken sandwich lol. This is why it is important to track. It's all about accountability. Just track for two weeks and really understand food in terms of numbers. Losing weight is all about the numbers that go in your body (the energy from food based on the macros) and the numbers that go out your body (exercise) so UNDERSTAND THE NUMBERS!

That's my diet. Now, it can change up here and there... I would say there would be subtle changes like sometimes I'll eat a Boston cream donut (who am I kidding, I eat it like 5 times a week lol) so I'll fit that in and make adjustments. Also, my dinner changes up here and there too so I make adjustments according to that. Now for my training. I keep it simple... well it's simple for me. Right now I'm going to train 6 days a week doing full body circuits for only 45 minutes a day. Every subsequent week I'll add on an extra 5 minutes. There are a number of ways that I like to train full body so I switch it up very frequently but give or take I'll do anywhere from 2 to 5 different exercises as one big sequence with as least amount of rest in between as possible. After about 4 weeks in, ill add in 3 days of HIIT cardio where it'll just be 10 min of high and low intervals on the treadmill.

See? Simple. I never overthink this shit because I understand the process and I TRUST the shit out of the process. The biggest reason I think people fall off is that they don't fully trust the process on some level especially when they hit a bit of a plateau. Adjust and keep going. Fuck man, I'm writing this shit as I'm waiting for uber requests but I sat here and pumped this blog out for 20 straight minutes and NO requests. I love writing but jesus im trying to make some money out here!

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