The Power of a Positive Mind!

How cute are we?

Positive Mental Attitude... Man this is a fucking big one and I have a story that really paints the perfect picture for this topic... now... I'm the kind of guy that loves to film. It's one of the best ways for me to express myself. I FUCKING LOVE IT. If you already follow me on Instagram or have seen my YouTube videos... well... you already know.

Now, I'm new to the world of vlogging and because I don't particularly enjoy the practicality of walking around with a professional camera, I stick to my Samsung Note 8; it does the damn job. Like I said... I'm new to the vlogging world. I should also add that I am not a techy by any means. So fuck man, long story short... I filmed a BUNCH of shit in portrait mode... meaning, I filmed with my phone vertically as opposed to horizontally (landscape) so my videos have the black borders on the side and that shit looks stupid... I learned this all too late...

It was a Saturday night and my buddy was having a party. Actually, two of my buddies were having two separate parties... and I of course politely declined because in my head, I'm on this fucking mission... I'm on a next level grind that no one can understand. I got shit to do. I have all this footage to edit for multiple platforms so I gotta work on pumping out all this juicy content. I had all this vlog footage from my trip to Morocco which I was going to combine with my Instagram story videos to create one MEGA vlog!!! I'm on such a mission that I even bailed on visiting my family in Milton... and my mom made lasagna... I fucking love her lasagna... but no. I'm on a mission. It's time to work baby, let's edit all these vlogs and get some content out!!!

Epic fail my friends. Maybe it isn't... but trust me it felt like one. I couldn't edit my videos the way I wanted to. It felt like all my footage was a waste. I felt very defeated after learning this... and when I feel this way, I don't wanna do anything. I just wanna distract myself so I don't have to think about how my night was a complete waste. That's where I was directing my energy... but I knew I had to interrupt that line of thinking. It was destructive and counterproductive. Funny how that works eh? I think I'm counterproductive so I start acting like it. But I'm like nah..  there's something I can do. I gotta think about a solution here... I gotta think POSITIVE. Tomorrow's a new day and you know what else? The night ain't even over! I'm still not going out to these parties but I can at least uber and make some money!

I sat there on my bed and made a masterplan for the next day. I convinced myself that I was gonna get up and just fucking slay it. I turned on my uber app and within a couple minutes I got my first request. I turned my night around. Guys... this wasn't the most epic story I know... but what could've been a defeating end, turned out to be a sweet victory. So what if my vlog footage wasn't usable. This means that those vlogs weren't meant to be posted. Maybe I'm meant to make even better vlogs and as I write this (this story literally happened a few hours ago) I'm fucking pumped to capture even better footage to be used THIS TIME IN LANDSCAPE MODE

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