Why Meditations and Affirmations are my SHIT

My friends... these things right here are for real for real a huge part of the reason why I've been incredibly happy lately. I'm gonna make this read one of the fastest reads ever because I don't think a whole lot needs to be said about this. Here's how I apply these things into my life.

I wake up and I set a 15 min alarm by my bed and I sit there with my eyes closed and I meditate mindfully. This means I don't try to control anything (my thoughts, my breathing etc) I just sit and observe. I allow thoughts to enter and let them pass naturally. I pay attention to my breathing, what I'm feeling, the temperature of the room, any sounds coming from outside my window etc. I can't really give you a full explanation why I think this helps other than the fact that it's so different from everything else I do for the rest of the day. I'm so go go go at every other minute that it's so nice and peaceful to be able to just sit there and... be. I really think it helps with stress and anxiety. It just makes me so much more chill lol.

I do another form of meditation where I listen to a tape on YouTube that guides me (if you wanna know it, message me on IG) and it really just takes me on a mental and spiritual journey. It's about 20 minutes long and it is absolutely relaxing and fucking fantastic! This type of meditation really helps me visualize the exact kind of future I want to have and the kind of person that I want to be. I focus on this so hard that I swear I believe I'm already there and I just act accordingly. For example, I know my business isn't generating revenue yet, I know my videos aren't the greatest, I know my website can be EVEN GREATER than what it already is but I am literally the future Habib and I already know that BIG SHIT POPPIN. I already BELIEVE I am successful so these little things don't mean shit to me. I genuinely believe that my morning routine of meditating mindfully and listening to that tape actively is what contributes to that level of faith and confidence.

The last thing that is basically my cherry on top are my affirmations. I have a few that I just repeat to myself with so much emotional intensity that it further solidifies my faith. I am unbreakable. That's not one of them lol, I'm just saying that's truly how I feel. To be honest, I used to think affirmations were whack. I just thought they were lies people told themselves to try to feel better about their shitty lives. But now, to me it's all about shifting your focus. What are the beliefs I really wanna adopt about myself that will further my growth? What if the beliefs we already have are the real lies? What if we can choose to wire our brains to adopt brand new beliefs that are in line with the vision we've created for ourselves?

I'm living proof that this is true. I give so much attention and so much emotion to these affirmations that my belief in them grow stronger every fucking day. Let me say this though: it's not enough to just simply repeat these mantras or affirmations... the emotion you put into it is what gives it life. Let me share a hack that I like to use to take full advantage of this  sexy concept. By nature I'm an emotional human being, which I believe to be such a powerful tool... so a lot of times I feel so much positive emotion just be listening to music! And when I inevitably feel such powerful positive emotions from the music, I immediately direct my thoughts towards those affirmations and the vision I have set out for myself. That combo gives me an explosion of energy which might sound exaggerated but believe me, it's not. If this happens to me in the gym while I have headphones on, I literally become stronger. That's how crazy this shit is.

I said this would be the fastest read but it's not lmao I can get deeper into this but I really wanna keep these blogs as something to read in 5 minutes or less. That's it for now my friends, carry on with your fucking day and create that morning ritual that will drive you to success! 

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